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Kai Schaetzl maillists at
Wed Jun 16 17:39:32 IST 2010

Cannot remember when I had a problem with MS last time. But now I have 
something curious.
I just got a mail with an attachment and the {filename ?} warning on it. 
There obviously was an attachment ( that got removed 
and replaced by a text warning.

The problem is: this attachment is nowhere.

It's not in Mailwatch and when I look at
it's not there either. Instead it contains the sanitized version without 
the attachment and with the attachment warning. Isn't that file supposed 
to stay "as is"?
Furthermore the attachment-warning text says the message ID is 
"o5GG8p45015809" which would not help to find the message in any way. (I 
don't know what this figure might be, it's nowhere in any log.) The MS 
message ID is D7B2AFA073.A4892.
And on top of this: this mail shows as green/white-listed for spam in 
Mailwatch, but I can't see any reason why that should be the case (it 
doesn't match any entry in spam.whitelist.rules AFAICS).

This is MS 4.80.4 on CentOS 5.



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