Remote SMTP not working after upgrade to MS 4.79.11-1

Martin Hepworth maxsec at
Mon Jun 7 17:02:45 IST 2010

look in the logs....mailscanner/etc doesn't do smtp thats purely up to


On 7 June 2010 16:00, Roger Ide <rogeride at> wrote:

> We can no longer remotely send email from external clients such as Outlook
> via sendmail with MailScanner running, since an upgrade from MS 4.63.x to
> MS
> 4.79.11-1, also involving an upgrade to ClamAv 0.96.1, and SpamAssassin
> 3.3.0. This despite the fact that each user that is being denied access is
> properly listed in /etc/relay-domains, and the /etc/mail/shadow, and
> /etc/mail/passwd files. Saslauthd in running and testsaslauthd shows a
> Success with a properly authorized user/password combination.
> We're running EnsimPro Ensim Pro 10.3.0-fc.6.11, and everything was fine
> before the upgrade. We have just the one website that we are hosting.
> Sendmail, MailScanner and the rest are all located at the root level and
> service the this one website which is 'site1'. The aforementioned
> /etc/mail/shadow and passwd files are on at /home/virtual/site1/fst/etc.
> With MailScanner off, sendmail has no trouble finding these files on its
> own, and granting access to listed users.
> With MailScanner running, sendmail does not seem to know where to look for
> those files. The basic message I get is 'user information cannot be found'
> (my paraphrase).
> Experimentally, I copied the user data from
> /home/virtual/site1/fst/etc/shadow into /etc/shadow, and did the same with
> the passwd file user data.
> PRESTO! We are back to running normally. Except it's a fudge and the
> question still needs answer.
> Presumably the problem lies with the sendmail instances run by MailScanner
> (or ClamAv or SpamAssassin), such that they no longer know where they
> belong. Could this be a user/group issue, or the possibility that there is
> a
> configuration that I have overlooked?
> In order to deal with the multiple-recipient emails that we get, I followed
> the suggestion at to set up a (via a
> This has been in place for over two years, so I haven't
> considered it to be in the investigation stream.
> Additionally, it should be said that MailScanner upgrades have to be
> applied
> outside the Ensim Pro environment since it was obsolecing even as we
> acquired it on our 'new' server in 2007. I upgraded successfully to 4.63.x
> at that time, but I may have had to make an adjustment at the time to avoid
> this very problem. I don't remember that I had this problem, and I haven't
> run across anything that would remind me of it.
> Thank you if you have read this far. If any of this rings a bell, or if
> there is better information that I can provide, I will be happy to do so.
> Roger Ide
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