Turn off recipient messages on file size rule

Paul Welsh paul.welsh.3 at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 23 22:41:49 IST 2010

Hi all

I have mailscanner 4.74.16 acting as a relay for an MS Exchange
server.  Inbound and outbound mail goes via the mailscanner server.

I know the current version is 4.79 so mine's a bit old but I use
Postini to do the virus and spam scanning so mailscanner has
spamassassin turned off and no anti-virus scanners configured.

So the mail flow for outbound is Exchange -> mailscanner -> Postini.
Using sendmail on the mailscanner box and sendmail uses Postini as a
smart relay host.

I want to restrict the size of outbound Internet email only (not
inbound Internet mail, not internal mail) and mailscanner's
max.message.size.rules file allows considerable granularity; more than
Exchange itself, despite being able to change mail size settings in
several places in Exchange and Active Directory.

Anyhow, it took me a while to get it working because I didn't realise
I needed to set:
Dangerous Content Scanning = yes

Other relevant settings:
Notify Senders = yes
Notify Senders Of Blocked Size Attachments = yes
Size Modify Subject = no

The sender gets sent sender.size.report.txt because of this setting,
which is just what I want:
# Set where to find the messages that are delivered to the sender, when they
# sent an email containing either an error, banned content, a banned filename
# or a virus infection.
# These can also be the filenames of rulesets.
Sender Content Report = %report-dir%/sender.content.report.txt
Sender Error Report = %report-dir%/sender.error.report.txt
Sender Bad Filename Report = %report-dir%/sender.filename.report.txt
Sender Virus Report = %report-dir%/sender.virus.report.txt
Sender Size Report = %report-dir%/sender.size.report.txt

However, the recipient of the message that's too large is getting sent
the contents of deleted.size.message.txt because, presumably of the
following setting, even though the comments indicate that the sender
gets this message:
# Set where to find the message text sent to users when one of their
# attachments has been deleted from a message.
# These can also be the filenames of rulesets.
Deleted Bad Content Message Report = %report-dir%/deleted.content.message.txt
Deleted Bad Filename Message Report = %report-dir%/deleted.filename.message.txt
Deleted Virus Message Report = %report-dir%/deleted.virus.message.txt
Deleted Size Message Report = %report-dir%/deleted.size.message.txt

Is there a way I can prevent the recipient getting sent a message?



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