Bayes auto-rebuilds

Stef Morrell stef at
Fri Jul 23 16:47:46 IST 2010


I have set in MailScanner.conf (MailScanner 4.79.11-1) the following:

Rebuild Bayes Every = 86400
Wait During Bayes Rebuild = yes

I'm by no means convinced, however, that the autorebuilds are happening.
I've had a look in the code and think I should be seeing the following
in the logs

"Bayes database rebuild is due"
"MailScanner child dying after Bayes rebuild"

neither of which I'm seeing, whilst I am seeing other entries such as 

"MailScanner child dying of old age"

I recently moved to a mysql bayes, which I thought might be the fly in
the ointment, but now I go back over old (pre mysql) logs I find I still
can't see the bayes rebuild notifications. 

How can I tell if this rebuild is happening? 

If a lack of the notifications in the log is actually a dead giveaway,
then how can I 
get some diagnostic information to help me fix it? 

Running MS as a debug batch doesn't mention bayes rebuilds at all (not
that I see why it should, the batch doesn't take a day to run), though
spamassassin is clearly able to read and act on the stored bayes data.



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