Off Topic: Caching Bind Server Freezing

Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Jan 28 20:29:50 GMT 2010

on 1-27-2010 12:02 PM Peter Farrow spake the following:
> I have had this problem persistently on Centos 5.3 boxes running
> MailScanner.
> Bind became such a problem on these machines I added several other
> nameservers in resolve.conf.
> Bind daemon appears to be running but does not respond to service stop
> command nor does answer any queries.
> To stop it I find the process number kill -9 it and then restart with
> the service command, it will then run for a random amount of time from
> hours to weeks and then go again,
> I think its a bug.
I do believe a bind update came out with 5.4... weeks ago

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