Off Topic: Caching Bind Server Freezing

Alex Broens ms-list at
Wed Jan 27 21:41:52 GMT 2010

On 1/27/2010 10:27 PM, Alex Broens wrote:
> On 1/27/2010 8:17 PM, Gottschalk, David wrote:
>> Yeah, I was planning on upgrading to a new version of BIND, as I
>> suspect that this might be a bug. I just wanted to see if others had
>> experienced this issue at all.
>> I'm running RHEL 5. Nothing in the logs to note, I don't think named
>> is short on memory. The servers each have 8GB of ram.
> Been there, switched to powerdns-recursor.
> Its been solid, fast, smaller footprint.

For the record:
I'm using the RPMs supplied by

  Linux x86	 RPM (Generic RPM)
  Linux x86_64	 RPM (Generic RPM)

Running nicely on Centos 5.x x86 and x86_64 boxes.

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