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Kai Schaetzl maillists at
Sat Jan 16 18:17:37 GMT 2010

Dudi Goldenberg wrote on Sat, 16 Jan 2010 19:05:57 +0200:

> My goal is to reject as much as possible at the gate, so far, SA +
> ClamAV plugin is proving very effective.

Fine. But why do you want to use MS in addition? It does not reject 
anything, it works after the MTA phase. It doesn't make much sense to use 
that milter *and* MS at the same time. If you are happy with that milter, 
keep on using it and forget about MS.

> If this is true,

it isn't. Please read up on MS before you cry wolf.

> The above system does see all SA test & scores,

You do not read or understand. Tests that are based on headers that are 
not present in the incoming mail and that are added by the MTA because of 
this *cannot* be detected as missing by MS.

> running the same
> config,

it doesn't. Your new one isn't able to pick up the pre file that contains 
the extra plugin info.


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