More taint mode problems (please help)

mog lists at
Tue Jan 12 19:42:17 GMT 2010

On 12/01/2010 16:47, Mikael Syska wrote:
> Hey Jules,
> This was meant to Mike Jakubik as he said he commited an updated
> version of the package :-) ... and maybe he knows the rutine to get
> outdated packages deleted.
> mvh

It's done by submitting PRs (Problem Reports) to the ports PR database 
using the send-pr(1) command. Once the PR is submitted, a FreeBSD 
committer will assign responsibility of the PR to themselves and look it 
over. Then, after checking it's all okay they will commit the change to 
the tree for all the mirrors to pick up and everyone to use. However, if 
the committer finds a problem with it, they will usually liaise with the 
submitter to get it resolved.

For more information, you can find the FreeBSD porter's bible (handbook) 

With most mission critical software, a *-devel port is maintained to 
contain the newly released or beta code for people to test new features 
and use if they feel daring. While at the same time the normal or base 
port (e.g. mail/mailscanner) usually holds the most recent stable 
release of the software that is considered to be suitable for production 

Often if a *-devel port becomes outdated, it is synchronised with the 
"stable" base one to allow the conventional devel/stable update process 
to continue. Whether or not this strategy is followed though, all 
depends on the release schedule used by the software developers and/or 
the port maintainer. One thing is for sure though, I think no one likes 
to see stale ports hanging around. They should either be updated or 
removed (if they're definitely not used any more and wont be in the future).

Hope that helps.

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