MailScanner 4.78.17 doesn't detect viruses, have checked tmp permissions and no symlink, reinstalled clamav (worked in 4.77.10)

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> tmp permissions and no symlink, reinstalled clamav (worked in 4.77.10)
> Check your virus.scanners.conf file to ensure it is pointing at the 
> correct place for clamav.
> If "which clamscan" reports /usr/local/bin/clamscan then the clamav line
> in virus.scanners.conf should end in "/usr/local" and if it reports 
> /usr/bin/clamscan then the line should end in "/usr".
> That would be the first place to look. Then "MailScanner --lint" should 
> detect the EICAR test pattern successfully. Once "MailScanner --lint" 
> works, you're there.
> Jules.
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> Jules, thanks for the reply!
> I checked "which clamscan" and yes it does point to
> /usr/local/bin/clamscan. The clamav line in virus.scanners.conf does end
> in /usr/local. Still no lint under 4.78.17, but works fine under
> pervious versions on the same box. Using clamav-wrapper to do a scan of
> /tmp gives me sensible output however.
> Sunny
> On 12/01/2010 15:45, Sunny Forro wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I've just upgraded to 4.78.17 and now mailscanner doesn't report 
>> viruses detected by clamav in production or lint. I've scanned the 
>> /tmp directory with clamav-wrapper and get sensible clam output. /tmp 
>> is not symlinked. I've reinstalled clamav, and manually reinstalled 
>> all the per-tars from the install directory. I've even tried 
>> downgrading MIME-tools to 5.420 (as found on another post), but to no 
>> effect (and since reinstalled from perl-tar to 5.427). I've removed 
>> and reinstalled Perl5.8.9, also to no effect. I'm running MS4.78.17, 
>> SA3.2.5, Clam0.95.3, sendmail 8.14.3 on FreeBSD7.0p9, w/ mailwatch 
>> 1.0.4, apache13, mysql5077, php5, virtualized through VMWare VSphere 
>> 4.0. I've switched back to 4.77.10 as this properly identifies virii. 
>> I'm out of ideas - Any suggestions? Is there something else I need to 
>> check, or something else I missed?
>> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>> Sunny Forro
>> P.S. Thanks a million to Julian Field for a fantastic solution to the 
>> deluge of spam we had grown accustomed to.
> Jules
This may be totally unrelated but I had a similar problem like this at 
one point.  It turned out that the perl I was running had version 0.16 
of perl-File-Temp builtin and the version that came packaged with 
MailScanner was 0.19.  When perl was updated v0.19 was removed.  I ended 
up having to do a rpm --force on the version that came packaged with 

This is all from vague memories and I may not have the scenario exactly 
right.  It took me a while to find it though.  Check the version of 
File::Temp that you are using.  I know that once I got the correct 
version installed MailScanner --lint started producing expected results 
with my virus scanners.



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