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shuttlebox shuttlebox at
Mon Jan 11 15:53:42 GMT 2010

On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 4:28 PM, Dave Filchak <submit at> wrote:
> I have been using MailScanner for some time now and was surprised to find
> several of these messages in my inbox:
> Currently being processed:
> Number of messages: 3
> Tries   Message Next Try At
> =====   ======= ===========
> 2       C9971538001.AC06C       Mon Jan 11 01:56:09 2010
> 2       3AF5D538002.A3A93       Mon Jan 11 01:56:03 2010
> 2       5C03F538003.AEBBD       Mon Jan 11 01:55:26 2010
> -- MailScanner
> Is this a new function of the latest version of MailScanner and does it mean
> these messages are stuck or waht?

Should be this:

1/4/2009 New in Version 4.75.11-1
* New Features and Improvements *
2 Implemented crash-protection, by limiting the number of attempts made at
  processing any given message. There are 2 new configuration settings:
  "Maximum Processing Attempts" which is set to 6 by default, and
  "Processing Attempts Database" which is set to /var/spool/MailScanner/
  incoming/Processing.db by default.
  To disable this feature, just set "Maximum Processing Attempts = 0".
  To clean out the database, just stop MailScanner and delete the database
  Many thanks to David Lee at Durham University, UK for the ideas behind
  this new system.
3 New script "processing_messages_alert" which will be installed in /usr/sbin
  on Linux systems and in /opt/MailScanner/bin on other systems. Also, in
  Linux, this is enabled as an hourly cron job. It executes the command
  "MailScanner --processing" which prints the contents of the "messages being
  processed" database, excluding any messages which are being processed for
  the first time. If there is nothing to print, it outputs nothing and no
  mail message is generated by the cron job. It sends the mail message from
  the "Notices From" address to the "Notices To" address. To edit the text of
  the message, just edit the "processing_messages_alert" script, it is very


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