Problem Messages

Dave Filchak submit at
Mon Jan 11 15:28:29 GMT 2010

I have been using MailScanner for some time now and was surprised to 
find several of these messages in my inbox:

Currently being processed:

Number of messages: 3
Tries	Message	Next Try At
=====	=======	===========
2	C9971538001.AC06C	Mon Jan 11 01:56:09 2010
2	3AF5D538002.A3A93	Mon Jan 11 01:56:03 2010
2	5C03F538003.AEBBD	Mon Jan 11 01:55:26 2010

-- MailScanner

Is this a new function of the latest version of MailScanner and does it 
mean these messages are stuck or waht?



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