MailScanner + Zimbra...done :)

--[ UxBoD ]-- uxbod at
Sun Feb 21 11:11:10 GMT 2010

> Hi Phil,
> Basically just used zmprov to turn off all the virus/spam/attachment
> scanning in zimbra.  Now amavis doesn't even start :)  Next was just
> install MailScanner and Julian's clamav/spamassassin installer as I've
> had problems with the Zimbra-ised versions of these during upgrades of
> Zimbra.

Personally I would leave AV on within Zimbra; rationale is that if a users machine does become infected then they could spread it via email.

> I haven't bothered looking into a zimlet for MailScanner although that
> sounds like a damn good idea - happy to be a beta tester.  As for the
> MailScanner config, I just left it all in the files, but if I were
> running a multi-server setup, I'd probably look at storing the config
> in LDAP (it was supported many eons ago in MailScanner - not sure if
> Jules kept it though).

I just use the Zimbra LDAP to validate the domains and users.  Will keep the list posted about the MailWatch integration; just not sure yet whether to use MailWatch or write a simple front-end instead.

> I still use all the zimbra LDAP/Postfix/IMAP/POP3 fru-fru, but I
> haven't found an elegant way yet to pick up the mail users identify as
> ham/spam.  All I've done is told them to forward it to ham/spam at .... 
> Plug in a quick-and-dirty shell script that uses fetchmail and
> sa-learn, add it to a cron job and voila.  Fit for purpose, but damn
> ugly.

Simplest way is to migrate the SA bayes into a database.  You can then create a custom .cf under /opt/zimbra/conf/spamassassin that uses the database.  Adopting this approach allows the AS break out from Zimbra into MailScanner while still allowing your users to train Spam/Ham. This all provides a double whammy due to if you introduce additional mailstores and MTA in the future, using Zimbra, they can all share a common bayes.

> Cheers,
> James

Thanks - Phil

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