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Brad Beckenhauer bbecken at
Wed Feb 3 18:18:06 GMT 2010

Running MailScanner  v4.78.17

I'm filtering email for a listserver that has been running for 16+ years.

The email server has two DNS records pointing to it.
Record #1 is a proper MX record pointing to the MailScanner system
Record #2 is a CNAME that points to the MX record. (ugly and I hate it, hence this email so I can get rid of the CNAME).

Over the past couple of years, I've managed to get the vast majority of the list users to use the newer MX/host record.

Now I want to get rid of the DNS CNAME and I'm considering using MailScanners ArchiveMail option to finish the job.

The idea is to accept email to the CNAME (which the MTA already does) and then re-write the email and send it on to the ListServer using the new domain name.
Since the email will be re-written, the List users will automatically start using the newer address when they reply to the next email from the list.  Eventually I should be able to drop the CNAME record from DNS if this works.

Example using the _TOUSER_ syntax to re-write the email.


To: * forward _TOUSER_ at

Comments please.
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