Mailscanner attach scan problem

Ante Gulam ante.gulam at
Tue Dec 21 10:13:08 GMT 2010


Quick help pls..?!


I've implemented yesterday in production my postfix with mailscanner as
relay to exchange server.. just regular pdf file (1MB big) stucks in hold
and all mails stucks after it in there. I have to mv them to ../incoming...

This is dump (tail -f) from my mail.log in that situation.. situation is
little bit different then before.. 


Dec 21 10:44:42 mailfilter MailScanner[5280]: SpamAssassin cache hit for
message 454446CDD4.12443

Dec 21 10:44:43 mailfilter MailScanner[5280]: Expanding TNEF archive at

Dec 21 10:44:43 mailfilter MailScanner[5324]: MailScanner E-Mail Virus
Scanner version 4.74.16 starting...


No pattern.. pdf's > 10,20MB are passing normaly.. i was thinking that the
reason is that the name started with period (.) but then named other pdf
like that and they passed normaly.. PDF was small and non-harmful at all..
what could be a problem ?!? i'm going to search through logs and try to see
what is happening.. 


Is there a way to tell mailscanner not to scan some certain attach
extensions!?? Couldn't find the option in this short time.. i'll try to
disable clam or whole mailscanner right now to temporarly solve the


Thank you in advance..



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