OT [sort of]: Dropping To address before mailscanner

Alex Broens ms-list at alexb.ch
Fri Dec 17 18:53:27 GMT 2010

Mike Tremaine wrote:
>> If you do not want replies or handle the bounces its BCP to use an
>> empty envelope sender. Save all parties a lot of noise.
>> Anything else is a waste of cycles, bandwidth and makes zero sense.
>> Of course, if you're sending mail to rcpts and its bouncing back,
>> you shouldn't be sending it in the first place..
> Sadly the world is an imperfect place. I have no control over the
> sender's configuration. They are a very large company that handles
> the webservers and the newsletters go out from their servers. The
> bounces are due to bit rot in the mailling lists. The problem comes
> from the 6-10  in their smtp cluster, they can drop 1,000 of emails a
> minute into my stack. We get through it but I'd rather not spend the
> CPU cycles on it.
> Hopefully the DISCARD action will handle it. I just have to wait for
> the next bubble to be sure.

If you'd like them to change their habit, become better players, and 
need some third party help for this to happen, just let us know...  .-)
(this does no mean doing anything illegal)


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