listen on two IP's?

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Thu Dec 9 19:05:00 GMT 2010

On 12/9/2010 12:13 PM, Peter Farrow wrote:
> On 09/12/2010 16:53, Peter Farrow wrote:
>> I think this is what you want, you will need to edit your
>> add lines like this..
>> DaemonPortOptions=Name=MTA, Addr=, Port=smtp, Modifiers=bh
>> Regards
>> Pete
>> -- 
> Another point, my email was only a few characters longer than many 
> others posted here saying things like "don't ask that question here".
> This could be construed as a MailScanner question as not everyone is 
> as brilliant or experienced as some of the people lurking on this 
> list, and some people do need to ask questions that appear trivial or 
> worthless to others.
> Remember you were a newbie and experienced once, and a question that 
> could be answered so easily by those who know is often better just 
> answered rather than dismissing the question as not relevant here.
> I am sure many others will agree and some will not, however, had I 
> received such a reply as some that were given to this question, then I 
> would have left with a very poor impression indeed,  an impression 
> which would have been completely wrong.
> So come on people you are better than the "don't ask that question 
> here" brigade, save that for losers on flaming forums.
> This is a good mailing list, personally I didn't expect to see the 
> condeming replies that this gentleman got.
> Just my 10pence worth.
> P.
I used to complain about how members would gripe about how this wasn't 
the proper forum for a particular question. Instead of answering the 
question simply, there'd be tons of don't-ask-here replies, making the 
search practically useless (eg -searching for  "two IP's" will now turn 
up a bunch of go-somewhere-else replies). So I quit using the search all 

The thing is, this is not the proper forum for sendmail related 
questions, but sometimes subscribing to a forum for just a one-time 
instance is a little much. Granted a lot of us are newby-type, and we 
all needed help at one time. This forum has taught me so much about so 
many aspects of email. I can recall when I didn't know the difference 
between what MS does and what sendmail does, so I'd ask here, the more 
comfortable forum.

I'm a little broke right now, so this'll just be my one-cent comment.

Steve Campbell
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