listen on two IP's?

Peter Farrow peter at
Thu Dec 9 17:13:01 GMT 2010

On 09/12/2010 16:53, Peter Farrow wrote:
> I think this is what you want, you will need to edit your
> add lines like this..
> DaemonPortOptions=Name=MTA, Addr=, Port=smtp, Modifiers=bh
> Regards
> Pete
> -- 
Another point, my email was only a few characters longer than many 
others posted here saying things like "don't ask that question here".

This could be construed as a MailScanner question as not everyone is as 
brilliant or experienced as some of the people lurking on this list, and 
some people do need to ask questions that appear trivial or worthless to 

Remember you were a newbie and experienced once, and a question that 
could be answered so easily by those who know is often better just 
answered rather than dismissing the question as not relevant here.

I am sure many others will agree and some will not, however, had I 
received such a reply as some that were given to this question, then I 
would have left with a very poor impression indeed,  an impression which 
would have been completely wrong.

So come on people you are better than the "don't ask that question here" 
brigade, save that for losers on flaming forums.

This is a good mailing list, personally I didn't expect to see the 
condeming replies that this gentleman got.

Just my 10pence worth.


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