Mailscanner attach scan problem (Ante Gulam)

Ante Gulam ante.gulam at
Thu Dec 9 15:36:07 GMT 2010


Virii in the wild... J let the nitpicking aside this time..



look.. i'd like to get stable and fully working clam with this .. but
obviuosly something is wrong. When i set all perms in MS config and clam
conf to give clam permissions to access incoming and everything of
MailScanner, mail just stops flowing from postfix's incoming to


how things seems now to me.. while i get that error in clam log and mail.log
about lstat() which probaby checks if "link" is valid and finds out there
are no perms for clam to go there.. Clam checks the file (finds CSV file and
reports it as  virus).. I get the warning in log, but cannot access the
incoming folder and that mail stays in hold.. 


as i've said.. when I set apparmor, mailscan.conf etc. for Clam i got that
msg in /var/log/mail.log that says SpamAssassin... ... and so for every mail
that comes in.

No errors elsewhere.. i was just asking if i can be sure that Clam is
responsible for behaviour like this.. if anyone had such experience..


Regards, Ante


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