Mailscanner attach scan problem

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Thu Dec 2 22:13:47 GMT 2010

And you ditched the somewhat antiquated ubuntu packaging of MS? And
cortected the misconfig of SA check size?

If so, Hugo is probably right.
Get and run memtest86 or some other RAM stresstester.


Den 2 dec 2010 22.00, "Ante Gulam" <ante.gulam at> skrev:


I've purged all packages.. clam, sa, mailscanner.. even postfix..
Putted it all together again from 0.. configured all again .. there is no
single error as i see.
--debug, MailScanner -lint, mail.log in var/log ... everything seems fine
considering logs..
BUT same thing is happening when some attach is sent.. there is no pattern
in jamming.. sometimes zip, pdf, pptx..
But seems to me only zip jammes every single time... other ones know to pass
now and then.. :)

Does anyone has idea what could this be? I'll write a script to clamd the
attach and mv it to incoming if passes scan :))) ROFL.. this has to go in
production next week and this is not giving me confidence in mailscanner..
what is strange
To me is that there is no pattern in all this.. proc sometimes goes
<defunct> and sometimes just goes Starting child... if i remember
correctly.. i'm going to dig more till i found some solution..

Thnx.. regards..

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