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So i've configured my linux machine to be an antispam filter between my
Fortinet GW firewall and my exchange 2010 in my local domain for incoming
emails.. i've forwarded 25 outàinbound to linux and it reley's it to EX10..
Releying in Postfix works fine.. Then i've installed mailscanner with clam,
spamassassin etc. (removing clamav ltr considering it as a troubler maker in
this situation).. turns out it's not it's fault! J 


So when i send mail from outside it goes cleanly to the Postfix.. I can see
it in the /var/spool/postfix/hold folder.. mailscanner proc analize it and
mail goes to incoming folder with no mutch bother.. BUT.. If i send .zip,
.exe or some other attach .. even .pptx..  (log, txt etc. passes with no
delay) the mailscanner proc goes bad..  it blocks on MailScanner: starting
child.. Sometimes iz goes <defunct>.. After that action no mails passing
through.. with or without attach. And files are filling in hold folder even
if i'm not getting any new mails from anyone.. ??? ie:


4 -rwx------  1 postfix postfix   2656 2010-12-01 15:28 D0D6F6CDCD*

  4 -rwx------  1 postfix postfix   3078 2010-12-01 15:08 DCE756CDCE*

  4 -rwx------  1 postfix postfix   3078 2010-12-01 15:08 C88226CDCC*

  4 -rwx------  1 postfix postfix    595 2010-12-01 15:07 CF3EB6CDB6*

416 -rwx------  1 postfix postfix 423997 2010-12-01 15:04 52D776CC10*


It's really important for me to solve this but i have no ideas anymore..
i've configured postfix to check header.. header puts it into „hold“

And mailscanner should take over after.. i dont see any complication to scan
the file and mv it to incoming.. Also a conf file acts wierd.. If i

Any AV it gives me an error while restarting init.d/mailscanner ...


Interesting thing is: if i do „mv * ../incoming/“ in my hold folder after
some delay i get that email that was causing trouble and all the mail that
came after it was jammed..  and after that all seems working fine until same
thing happenes..  i have spamassassin and no AV currently installed.. no
amavis, sophos, clamd etc.


Please some quick advice to solve this manner..

Tnx 2 all.


Ps. If some snippet od conf is needed let me know! Tnx..

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