SUSE updates: heads up campers...

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Wed Aug 18 20:00:21 IST 2010

Novell just put out security updates for the kernel and perl.  Installing the perl updates required unlocking the perl modules that are germain to MailScanner.  The modules that came down from Novell were older than those included with MailScanner.  After upgrading the kernel and perl I had to rerun the MailScanner install.  Probably could have just upgraded the three perl modules that were problematic but ./install was easier.  

Wasn't much of an issue for me as I'm running three MailScanner gateways so that I can take any one of them down w/impunity but if you don't have that luxury plan on a short outage.

Just a heads up for those that will be upgrading in the near future...

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