missing Mail::ClamAV

Mark Chaney lists at macscr.com
Mon Aug 16 19:07:15 IST 2010

  When I checked the MailScanner version this morning i noticed a few 
perl modules were missing, such as:

missing    IP::Country
missing    Mail::ClamAV
missing    Mail::SPF::Quer
missing    Parse::RecDescent
missing    SAVI
missing    Test::Manifest
missing    Mail::SPF::Query
missing    Inline
missing    Encode::Detect
missing    Business::ISBN
missing    Business::ISBN::Data
missing    Data::Dump
missing    Test::Pod

What really bothered me was the missing ClamAV one. Because that module 
is missing, is my MailScanner setup lacking ClamAV support? Also, should 
I be installing the rest of those as well?


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