Quarantine problem: Ext3 directory limit to 32000 files

Desai, Jason jase at sensis.com
Mon Aug 9 18:31:25 IST 2010

> >> Especially since this guy quarantines more than 32,000 mail per day.
> >> To delete "old" stuff then is making the users have less than a day to
> >> retrieve their blocked mail. That's poor service.
> >>
> >> His own suggestion of creating hourly catalogs sounded good to me.
> >>
> > Also keep in mind that 32000 files in a directory will be less efficient
> > to work through.
> >
> > Hugo.
> >
> >
> Here is a thought:
> Prevention is better than cure.
> Why not adjust your mailscanner settings so that it quarantines more
> strictly, I can't possibly envisage quaranting 32000 messages being
> useful under any circumstances, one of my larger clients with several
> tens of thousands users still only gets 10 or so messages a day in the
> quarantine, so my guess is, rightly or wrongly, that your configuration
> is far too keen to qaurantine and needs to throw more away,  at MTA
> level and in Mailscanner, this is easily achievable and still keep false
> positives to virtually zero.

Are you sure there is a limit of 32,000 files in a directory?  I think there is a limit of 32,000 subdirectories.  I'm not sure about 32,000 files though.

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