Mailscanner 4.79-11-1 for CentOS (5.5 x64) ignoring filename rules?

Alex Crow alex at
Fri Aug 6 07:40:36 IST 2010

> Sorry if I'm being blind to something in the docs or FAQs but this 
> does look like a change in behaviour.
> Alex
Just realised what has happened. I looked again at the files on the old 
machine and found a backup file. A colleague had recently changed the 
rules on the debian box to allow xml stuff inside zip and those double 
extensions - a la MS Office and The copy was old enough that it 
wasn't in the default files. Looking at the date of modification, what 
do I see in my "bad filename" inbox for that date? A sudden drop of in 
notifications. The same rules are now in the supplied rules.

And having thought about html.txt, thats a poor example as html is 
allowed anyway, and sticking .txt on the end would be counterproductive 
to a hacker.

Apologies for wasting your time!


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