CentOS perl issues

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Thu Apr 8 06:31:47 IST 2010


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> For one time occurrence use
> yum --exclude=package* update
> In your case if you want to exclude only those 6 packages
> :
> yum --exclude=perl-bignum --exclude=perl-File-Temp
> --exclude=perl-Math-BigRat --exclude=perl-Sys-Syslog
> --exclude=perl-Test-Harness --exclude=perl-Test-Simple
> update
> This 6 packages are for now the only packages that have
> older versions
> in mailscanner installation comparing to the rpmforge repo.
> In the
> future this list will not remain constant.
> If you want to exclude all perl packages  use for one
> time update
> yum --exclude=perl* update
> If you need a more permanent solution use Craig's solution
> or look in
> to yum-protect-packages plug-in or use a more drastic
> solution
> (Michael's solution will disable rpmforge all together )

I typically disable all 3rd party repo's and pick and choose what I want from them. So if there's certain RPMforge packages I want I simply do:

# yum --enablerepo=rpmforge -y update blah.rpm

This also allows me to list updated packages per repo by enabling what I want and checking against a pre-defined installation list.

Been using this technique for years (before yum plugins were available) and it's worked well, so haven't bothered changing the way I do things.



> Other
> solutions are documented in the archive.
> Fore MailScanner updates use "./install.sh
> reinstall".  More info on
> this subject here
> http://lists.mailscanner.info/pipermail/mailscanner/2009-April/090861.html
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