CentOS perl issues

Iulian L Dragomir iulianld at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 06:07:39 IST 2010

For one time occurrence use

yum --exclude=package* update

In your case if you want to exclude only those 6 packages :

yum --exclude=perl-bignum --exclude=perl-File-Temp
--exclude=perl-Math-BigRat --exclude=perl-Sys-Syslog
--exclude=perl-Test-Harness --exclude=perl-Test-Simple update

This 6 packages are for now the only packages that have older versions
in mailscanner installation comparing to the rpmforge repo. In the
future this list will not remain constant.

If you want to exclude all perl packages  use for one time update

yum --exclude=perl* update

If you need a more permanent solution use Craig's solution or look in
to yum-protect-packages plug-in or use a more drastic solution
(Michael's solution will disable rpmforge all together ) Other
solutions are documented in the archive.

Fore MailScanner updates use "./install.sh reinstall".  More info on
this subject here


Iulian L.D.

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