ClamAv 0.96 is out

Mark Sapiro mark at
Thu Apr 1 18:22:04 IST 2010

On 11:59 AM, Randal, Phil wrote:
> There's one other thing to check.
> I ended up with both main.cld and main.cvd in /var/clamav

Thanks very much for that hint. See below.

> ClamAV 0.96 has been released.
> Users upgrading from the rpmforge repo will need to edit their
> clamd.conf files to get a working clamd (the change is trivial, to set
> up the local socket details ).
> However, once I'd done all that, I got the following in MailScanner
> --lint (version 4.80.1)
> MailScanner.conf says "Virus Scanners = clamd"
> Found these virus scanners installed: clamd
> ===========================================================================
> Filename Checks: Windows/DOS Executable (1
> Other Checks: Found 1 problems
> Virus and Content Scanning: Starting
> Clamd::ERROR:: UNKNOWN CLAMD RETURN ./MSlintdwYGUC/lstat() failed:
> Permission denied. ERROR :: /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/17633

Does clamd drop privileges? If so does the clamd User have sufficient
permissions on /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming? Did you previously
comment out "User clamav" in clamd.conf and forget that change?

My situation was different. I did a yum update from the dag rpms, and
added the necessary LocalSocket to /etc/clamd.conf, and I couldn't start
clamd at all :(

I got:

Starting Clam AntiVirus Daemon: LibClamAV Error: cli_loadinfo: Digital
signature not found
LibClamAV Error: Can't load Malformed database
LibClamAV Error: cli_tgzload: Can't load
LibClamAV Error: Can't load /var/clamav/main.cld: Malformed database
ERROR: Malformed database

After some panic and even trying to remove the rpms and install 0.95.3,
I saw your note and removed /var/clamav/main.cld and updated again from
the new rpms and all is well, so thank you for that hint. I don't see
any problem when running MailScanner --lint.

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