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Thu Sep 17 03:39:07 IST 2009


1. Public folders on exchange shared out to all users, and available via
IMAP - one to train as spam, and one to train as ham.
2. Archive all messages
3. Write script to periodically check the shared folder via IMAP from
the mailscanner box.  
4.  For each message found, pull parse out the message id and date.  Use
the message id / date to find the location to the original message in
the archive, and send to sa-learn as needed.

This way, users can dump messages into a public folder, but you don't
have to worry about exchange (or forwarding / bouncing) making changes
to the original email.

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> It seems like a slick way to do it but I know many of my users wont
> want that kind of footer floating in all their emails.
> Maybe it is possible to do something on the exchange side. Maybe (if
> possible), the following:
> 1. Public folder on exchange shared out to all users
> 2. Exchange bounces (without changing) the message to spamtrap address
> at my gateway
> 3. spamtrapaddress is aliased to pipe to sa-learn for spam training
> I only wish i didnt  now need to go get help trying to figure out the
> resend/bounce/unaltered message from a public folder via exchange
> transport rules
> On Sep 16, 2009, at 10:28 AM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> 	On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 05:48:15PM -0400, Gavin Silver wrote:
> 		I think I have just answered my one question which is
> I cant just have a straight forward go to a spam learn as it would
> probably learn that all forwarded messages are spam as well..
> 	I have an address which is aliased to a pipe as follows
> 	SpamReport: "|/usr/bin/spamc -u postfix -L spam || true"
> 	but I don't publicise it for exactly the above reason. One needs
> a MUA
> 	that can redirect/resend/bounce the message without change, and
> don't
> 	trust my users to have that ability or to use it correctly if
> they do.
> 	I have thought about it some, and I think you need to archive
> mail
> 	and then add a footer something like
> 	 Help train the spam filter
> 	 Report this as Spam
> 	 Report this as Ham
> 	Where those 'reports' are links that will notify some process
> that
> 	this message's queue ID is spam or ham, and have that process
> call
> 	spamc or sa-learn.
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