Releasing from quarantine with sendmail

Anthony Giggins seven at
Thu Sep 17 03:30:23 IST 2009

> The difference between a zip archive and a docx file is ... close to
> nothing. Sure, in the best of worlds, one could assume the docx to not
> contain harmful stuff.... but, as Voltaire alludes to in Candide, this
> isn't the best of all worlds, at least not that way:-).
> What you need do is look at how to "whitelist" locally submitted mails
> for that particular setting, that is: Read up on the Archive depth
> setting and then create a ruleset to allow arbitrary depth for
> (or similar).
> Cheers
> --
> -- Glenn

Thanks for the pointer, I ended up changing
Maximum Archive Depth = 3

No idea why a docx file would have 2 levels of archives though......



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