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Julian Field MailScanner at
Thu Sep 3 09:08:36 IST 2009

I'm not *yet* wrapped up with beginning-of-semester stuff, but will be 
soon! :-)

I didn't want to do a stable release the day after I put out a bug-fix 
beta, as there could still have been other problems. If people would 
like me to do a stable release in a couple of weeks, then I could do 
that for you.

Otherwise I'll just wait till the start of next month.

Your thoughts?


On 02/09/2009 21:00, Jeff A. Earickson wrote:
> Yes.  My last jump from 78.9 to 78.15 fixed both the "TNEF replace"
> issues that a lot of people had (including me), and my earlier report
> of "MailScanner: waiting for children to die: ...  Process did not 
> exit cleanly, returned 2 with signal 0" issue.  They were probably 
> related.  78.15 has been smooth.
> Julian is probably wrapped up with beginning-of-semester stuff.
> Jeff Earickson
> Colby College
> On Wed, 2 Sep 2009, Scott Silva wrote:
>> Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2009 12:49:50 -0700
>> From: Scott Silva <ssilva at>
>> Reply-To: MailScanner discussion <mailscanner at>
>> To: mailscanner at
>> Subject: Latest beta
>> Do most of you consider the new beta pretty stable? Julian probably 
>> won't
>> release it as stable until the first of next month since the first of 
>> this
>> month is already gone by.


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