How do you release quarantined items from mailwatch

Anthony Giggins seven at
Thu Oct 29 01:57:24 GMT 2009

> Anthony Giggins wrote:
>> I know this isn't the mailwatch mailing list but I thought I ask here
>> as lots of people would use it.
>> The website ( mentions
>> (*Quarantine management allows you to release, delete or run sa-learn
>> across any quarantined messages.) that mailwatch can release
>> quarantined items but for the life of me I cant work it out.
> Easy peasy.  Open MailWatch.  Find the message you want ot release and on
> the far left is a column with brackets: [ ]
> Click in the brackets to open the message details.  Scroll top the bottom
> of the page and you'll see a hyperlink in the Path box.  Click on it and
> scroll all the way to the bottom.  It'll be obvious from there.
> Note that you have to be storing the messages of course.  If you're not
> you'll have to change your "Spam Actions" in MailScanner.conf.  If you
> want to archive non-spam or high scoring spam too you'll have to also
> change those settings.

I'm only storing Spam not High Spam ie. Spam Actions = store

Its the obvious part I'm having problems with....

At the bottom of the page I cant see any options there to release anything :(



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