How do you release quarantined items from mailwatch

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Wed Oct 21 17:15:19 IST 2009

Anthony Giggins wrote:
> I know this isn't the mailwatch mailing list but I thought I ask here
> as lots of people would use it. 
> The website ( mentions
> (*Quarantine management allows you to release, delete or run sa-learn
> across any quarantined messages.) that mailwatch can release
> quarantined items but for the life of me I cant work it out.   

Easy peasy.  Open MailWatch.  Find the message you want ot release and on the far left is a column with brackets: [ ]
Click in the brackets to open the message details.  Scroll top the bottom of the page and you'll see a hyperlink in the Path box.  Click on it and scroll all the way to the bottom.  It'll be obvious from there.

Note that you have to be storing the messages of course.  If you're not you'll have to change your "Spam Actions" in MailScanner.conf.  If you want to archive non-spam or high scoring spam too you'll have to also change those settings.


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