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Carlo Granisso c.granisso at dnshosting.it
Wed Oct 28 14:15:09 GMT 2009

Don't worry. :)

Sorry but I need an example for this custom function: I honestly thought
that spam score for single user was taken directly from DB....

Have you got link or example please?

Thanks a lot for your patience.


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2009/10/21 Carlo Granisso <c.granisso at dnshosting.it>:
> Thanks for your response but I haven't multi-recipient mail and for 
> incoming domain I've set into db required spam level (different from 
> value written in MailScanner.conf).
> Any other idea?
> Carlo
Sorry for bot getting abck to you... Have been very busy lately:-(.

Um, did you set it up (in MailScanner) properly? So that MailScanenr
actually call the appropriate custom function? This need replace any
hardcoded values in MailScanner.conf... Sorry for not giving an example,
patchy memory ...:-)

-- Glenn
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