lowercase senderaddress

Oli Schacher mailscanner at lists.wgwh.ch
Tue Oct 27 16:29:10 GMT 2009

Hi list,

Apparently, sender and recipient address are changed to lowercase
characters in MailScanner(with postfix).  This seems to break BATV if
the sender address contains uppercase characters and leads to rejected
mails if the receiving MTA does sender address verification ( I know it
shouldn't, but I can't do anything about that).

prvs=0034452aad=Alice.Adams at a.com sends to Bob.Builder at b.com , all mail
for b.com is filtered by a MailScanner/postfix box before they reach the
final MTA. MailScanner changes the sender adress to
prvs=0034452aad=alice.adams at a.com, the b.com MTA tries to verify that
and it fails because the a.com MTA doesn't accept this signature => mail
is rejected.

I hacked Postfix.pm on a test system and changed
$message->{from} = lc($recdata);
$message->{from} = $recdata;

in sub ReadQf. After that change, it worked fine. But that lc() is there
for a reason (comment says "# Change for V4: returns lower-case $from
and @to"), so I don't really dare to change that on a production system.

MS internally probably needs lowercase addresses to check for
black/whitelistings etc, but shouldn't it return the adresses in
original case when putting the messages back in the postfix queue?


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