SOLVED in 7.2: Perl problems on FreeBSD (again)

Mog lists at
Mon Oct 26 18:45:00 GMT 2009

Hi Jose,

Thanks for your input on this. I will give your method a try on 6.4 
tonight to see if it works. What has me confused about this though, is 
that it just doesn't make sense...

This has happened before with 5.8.x and moving to 5.10.0 solved it, so 
what is different between 5.10.0 and 5.10.1?

If it's just a problem with the upgrade process. Why doesn't deleting 
perl, mailscanner and all the perl ports, and then reinstalling them 
with the updated perl (5.10.1), make the problem go away?

People on the list say they have done fresh installs (so no upgrading at 
all), but they still have the same perl errors everyone else is 
experiencing after an upgrade. Again, if it's just a problem with the 
upgrade process, why does this happen?

Obviously I don't expect you personally to have the answers to any of 
these, but I'm hoping someone might be able to shed some light on them 
at least. Like I said, it just doesn't make sense. There has to be 
something specific that is actually causing this problem for everyone 
using MailScanner on FreeBSD that essentially cripples a mail server 
until the errors can be resolved, hopefully we can eventually figure it out.


Jose Amengual M wrote:
> Hi Guys.
> I saw some emails about perl 5.10.1 giving errors when running 
> mailscanner, I had the same problem and I follow the instructions 
> below but it din't work for me, but finally after 2 days of work I 
> found the solution!!!.
> This is working 7.2 should work on 8.0.
> if you have already mailscanner installed don't worry, portupgrade can 
> do all the job for you :).
> 1.- Remove old perl version :
> pkg_info|grep perl ( copy the exact name of you perl version like 
> perl5.10.1 )
> pkg_delete -f perl5.10.1
> 2.- Install old perl.
> pkg_add -r 
> 3.- Clean up any work directory
> portsclean -C
> 4.- Update pkgdb add upgrade any perl package
> pkgdb -Ff
> portupgrade -fr perl ( this is going to upgrade everything that uses 
> perl including mailscanner).
> perl-after-upgrade && perl-after-upgrade -f
> After that the error was gone and everything was working fine.
> I was in the process of deciding of going towards mailscanner or 
> amavisd-new and I decided to use mailscanner because was easier to 
> configure and I expend 2 days fixing a problem with perl that I didn't 
> have on amavis :).
> I hope this help.
> Thanks.
> Jose Amengual.

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