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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Wed Oct 21 18:25:25 IST 2009

Garrod Alwood wrote:
> I have been googling and searching and everything else and I have
> tried a few different things, but can anyone tell me how to get rid
> of this Mailscanner/spamassassin error when I run lint:  
> ERROR: The "envelope_sender_header" in your spam.assassin.prefs.conf
> ERROR: is not correct, it should match X-MYCOMPANY-MailScanner-From
> I have changed both setting in my Mailscanner.conf and in the
> spam.assass.prefs.conf and i still can't get this to go away, so does
> anyone have any ideas on how this might go away? Also I have change
> it to that exact thing in my spam.assassin.prefts.conf and I still
> can't get it to go away.    
> FYI I changed it to MYCOMPANY to protect the innocent on this mailing
> list. 

Not sure what that protects against.  Personally I find it clearer to deal w/the actual settings.  Easier to spot typos or mistakes than when people "sanitize" things.  Sometimes they sanitize right over the error.

Anyway, in MailScanner.conf set the following:
%org-name% = MYCOMPANY
Envelope From Header = X-%org-name%-MailScanner-From:

In spam.assassin.prefs.conf set
envelope_sender_header X-MYCOMPANY-MailScanner-From

As per the notes in the file, make sure you don't have any illegal characters in the org-name.  To wit:
# Note: Some Symantec scanners complain (incorrectly) about "."
# ***** characters appearing in the names of headers.
#       Some other mail servers complain about "_" characters
#       appearing in the names of headers as well.
#       So don't put "." or "_" in this setting.
# **** RULE: It must not contain any spaces! ****


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