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Ralph Bornefeld-Ettmann ilikeuce at
Tue Oct 20 12:18:52 IST 2009

MailAdmin schrieb:
> I have electronic flight tickets from expedia coming through MailScanner and looking something from a programmers journal, loads of code of some form.
> What option stops this from being disarmed? And is it possible to use a rules set and manage this by from Domain, ie. From: And To: clientdomain 
> Thanks
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there are some options in MailScanner that can disarm.

you can define a ruleset :


From: 		*		no
FromOrTo	default				yes

Convert Dangerous HTML To Text = %rules-dir%/dangerous_html.rules

This could also apply to
- Convert HTML To Text
- Allow Form Tags (here you have to switch yes and no!!)

or you switch of all content scanning by using this rule for
Dangerous Content Scanning

this aould also prevent MailScanner from disarming iFrames (what would 
not be the best idea although it would only be for expedia, but From: 
can be forged!).


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