Message attempted to kill MailScanner

Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at
Mon Oct 19 07:17:54 IST 2009

On 10/18/09 22:39, Brent Addis wrote:
> Wow. having a bad day there Hugo? It was a fairly simple question which
> I am sure did not deserve the tone of that response.

Well. Let's take the information at hand. There is little to no 
information to go on here. No version details, indication what bit of 
the complex system it is left in, resource usage, .....

But I have worked with quite a few number of customers and oddly enough 
some spam you might expect everywhere is most definitly not everywhere.

Some sorts of spam are killed almost completely by RBL actions of the 
MTA by 1 customer and detected by another as spam while a third customer 
does not even get them at all.

So I think it is safe to assume that no 2 domains MUST receive identical 
types of spam and providing some samples will enable people to 
troubleshoot and test the samples.


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