quarantine directory change

Brendan Pirie bpirie at rma.edu
Thu Oct 15 18:55:30 IST 2009

Gavin Silver wrote:
> whats the best way to move /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine directory  
> on a running system to some subdirectory in /home/
> my original partition setup on my relay was not designed for  
> mailscanner and this "dev" box quickly became a production server  
> because of the awesomeness of mailscanner
> I currently have only 6GB avail in /var and over 200GB in /home
> I assume this is more of a linux system question (im using ubuntu 8.04  
> LTS)
> ..maybe i can use symlinks and then not change any config files?
This might be an appropriate situation to implement mount's --bind 
feature instead of using a link.
> but of course i am asking because im sure there is a few ways to do it  
> with some being a better choice for the long term (e.g. upgrading  
> mailscanner)
> wondering if anyone has done similar
> thanks in advance
> cheers
> -Gavin


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