MailScanner and SpamAssassin together causes Exterme CPU usage

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Thu Oct 15 16:38:02 IST 2009

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> Oh right, should have figured that one out… 1GB RAM, 150GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive, Intel Pentium D CPU 3.20GHZ, Bus 800 Mhz, L2 4MB (IMHO, is way more than enough, although I just ordered another 2 GIGs of RAM)
> And yes it is CPU tied
> Max Children = 5

1 GiB RAM might be a lot too little, especially with SA in the brew
(it can be a real memory hog). Take a look at "vmstat 2", that you
aren't swapping madly, then try reducing chindren to 1 and see where
that brings you (remeber that all IO in *nix tend to become

MailScanner will rewrite the command line to reflect what it is doing,
so check top with the complete commandline ("c", IIRC:-).

> DCC, Pyzor, Razor
> Blacklists:,,
> ClamAV
clamd, I presume?
Else that will be part of your problem too.

> sane-security using a cron job to download scripts
> SpamAssassin with KAM downloaded daily by using cron job, sought, JKF-Anti-Phishing Version 2
Have you verified that both sa-update and sa-compile runs to
completion, without errors?

> re2c, Rule2XSBody SA plugin
> FuzzyOCR (which I am not sure is working)

Turn this off. If it doesn't work, it is pointless... and if it does
work, it doesn't matter, since you probably lack the resources to
accomodate it (RAM, mostly).

When you do the above suggestions, try checking things between all the
changes so that you get a grip on what really worked (No frobbing,
just tweaking;-).

-- Glenn
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