Got a real nightmare on my hands installing the newest

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Tue Oct 13 02:34:03 IST 2009

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> On 10/12/2009 09:43 PM, Stephen Swaney wrote:
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> > On Oct 12, 2009, at 3:34 PM, Steve Campbell wrote:
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> >> Anyone got a suggestion for me who has done the Centos 3 install?
>  >
> > I have to ask why are you are installing on OS that's no longer supported?
> How long will CentOS-3 updates be supported?
> We intend to support CentOS-3 updates until Oct 31, 2010.
> See also:
> But the fact that Centos 3 is supported for about a year does not mean 
> MailScanner has to support it as well. So If you realy like to run 
> MailScanner I suppose you propably would be wise and considere Centos 
> 5.x as a replacement.
> Hugo.
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Please don't misunderstand my frustrations. I am not blaming MailScanner or
Julian in any way for this messup of mine. I was only responding to Steve's
comment about Centos 3 being sort of a dead OS. My original post was asking for
suggestions as to how others might have gotten beyond the Perl problems I created.

My situation started with trying to upgrade 4.72 to the latest version. Upon
it's failure, I tried using " nodeps", which made things worse. I see
no way back now other than a bare metal restore. To tell you the truth, I really
don't see how I got 4.72 to work since a lot of it is dependant on Perl 5.8.1,
but I've got it installed on two other Centos 3 machines as well. I'm not a Perl
expert, that's pretty obvious.

I'm really glad Julian takes MS to higher levels. I don't understand the options
I have for upgrading when using, but up until this time, MS has
always come up faithfully after running upgrade for the conf files. Once I get
restored, I'll start to try and find a way to upgrade Centos. For now, I just
have sendmail running, so I've bought a little time.

Thanks for the input, though. Hope this explains my position. I think MS is
great, and I surely don't mean to be degrading. Sorry.


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