Got a real nightmare on my hands installing the newest

Stephen Swaney steve at
Mon Oct 12 20:43:30 IST 2009

On Oct 12, 2009, at 3:34 PM, Steve Campbell wrote:

> I just tried updating MS on a Centos 3 box. Seems like a lot of the  
> perl modules need perl-5.8.1, while the latest perl for Centos 3 is  
> only 5.8.0-94, so a lot of stuff failed, along with MS.
> I started installing what was needed with rpmbuild, but got into the  
> dependency circle, so I tried going back a to MS 4.72. Now a lot of  
> the modules were deleted by the new stuff and I'm not sure that they  
> weren't just ignored in the 4.72 install.
> Anyone got a suggestion for me who has done the Centos 3 install?
> Thanks
> steve campbell
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I have to ask why are you are installing on OS that's no longer  

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