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Wed Oct 7 23:58:07 IST 2009

But that command could take an hour to run. A slightly better version 
might be
    find /usr/lib/MailScanner /etc -x -type f -name '*.rpmnew' -print
but that will still list rpmnew files that are nothing to do with 
MailScanner, which will just confuse a lot of users.

I can't find a decent solution to this problem. Inexperienced users 
won't understand the consequenes of getting any output from this 
command, nor be able to separate the MailScanner-related rpmnew files 
from the non-MailScanner ones. The experienced users can type this 
command themselves anyway.

If it is just to be a suggestion at the end of the upgrade process, it 
is being added to an awful lot of information they get at this point 
already. How would you succinctly describe to the users the output they 
might get from this command, and what they might do with the results? 
You've probably got at most 2 80-column lines to describe it all in.

So I'm afraid I'm still not convinced this is a good idea.


On 07/10/2009 17:54, donald.dawson at wrote:
> maybe add a comment at the end to suggest running 'cd /; find . -name
> "*.rpmnew"' to list any new MS files.
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> On 07/10/2009 15:47, donald.dawson at wrote:
>> I have a suggestion to //usr/sbin/update_spamassassin/ - consider
>> commenting out line 32 (rm -f $LOGFILE) to allow viewing of the
>> /tmp/update_spamassassin.MMDD file.  It's useful to review the file
>> for errors.
> The problem is that will leave a lot of log files behind, which will
> gradually fill your filesystem.
>> For the/ script, please consider adding code to let the
>> user know of all rpmnew files.
> That's not easy in RHEL as the rpm system doesn't keep track of them. In
> good old IRIX days all you had to do was "versions old" and "versions
> new" and it would tell you all of them across the whole filesystem
> immediately. RHEL doesn't track them so there's no quick way of doing
> this, sorry.
>>    We have a custom/ /etc/sysconfig/MailScanner/ file where we list the
>> spam channels we get updates from:
>> 29,30c29
>> <  SAUPDATEARGS="-D --gpgkeyfile
>> /etc/mail/spamassassin/sare-sa-update-gpgkeys.txt --channelfile
>> /etc/mail/spamassassin/sare-sa-update-channels.txt"
>> There were a lot of changes in /etc/sysconfig/MailScanner - WORKDIR,
>> Could there be a custom file for the SAUPDATEARGS variable so we
>> didn't have to modify the delivered /etc/sysconfig/MailScanner file?
> I'll take a look, that should be possible by making
> /etc/sysconfig/update_spamassassin file with just the SAUPDATEARGS stuff
> in it.
>> Thanks,
>> Donald
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