Need help from Exim users

Mog lists at
Tue Oct 6 01:56:52 IST 2009

Personally I think all MTAs are so similar in that they all try to do 
the same job, but they just achieve it in different ways.

This means that if one MTA can do something, there's a very good chance 
the other will be able to as well. It's just a question of reading and 
finding out how really.

Like Glenn said, MTAs are not trivial, and do take some time to figure 
out and get working how you want. Postfix is a very good MTA, and IMHO 
switching from it to something else on a whim is likely not the most 
effective solution.

If it were me, I'd stick with postfix because it's pretty cool, and just 
research more or ask some kind people for some help in setting it up to 
suit your needs.

Kind regards,

Glenn Steen wrote:
> 2009/10/2 The Doctor <doctor at>:
>> Well Postfix is not doing the anti-spam I was
>> hoping it would do and the 'jailing' is not working.
> ?
> Postfix could do hoops, but only if configured correctly... same goes
> for _any_ MTA. So what would you gain by a switch? MTAs are complex
> beasts, even without UCE measures, and adding MailScanner (wonderful
> as it is) does add more complexity. Bottom line is that you'll need
> read a lot to get the best from any MTA you choose to use. Did you?
> Will you?
> A plain vanilla PF install, with a plain vanilla MailScanner install,
> will likely not get the best out of the system. Neither will a plain
> vanilla Exim install.
> Then again, if you find Exim simpler to grasp, why... more power to you;-).
>> I elect to go to Exim.
>> What do I need to get get RBLS, virtual E-mail and stuff working
>> before adding MailScanner?
> Cheers

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