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2009/10/5 DAve <dave.list at>:
> David Nalley wrote:
>> On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 4:18 PM, DAve <dave.list at> wrote:
>>> So I get a quote today that says we *already* sold "Email Redundancy" to
>>> a
>>> client.
>>> The PHBs, uh salesmen, want me to to configure our MailScanner boxes to
>>> send
>>> one copy of a message to the client's exchange server and another to our
>>> pop
>>> toasters.
>>> I already setup MailArchiva and have no idea why they did not quote that
>>> as
>>> a solution. I explained that they would need a separate delivery domain
>>> to
>>> copy the message to and I would have to keep a rules file with every user
>>> in
>>> it to accomplish this. They do not understand.
>>> Other than using MailArchiva and copying per domain, is there anything
>>> other
>>> than
>>> usera at copy usera at
>>> That I can do with MailScanner to accomplish this?
>>> Thanks (reaching for a bottle)
>>> DAve
>> There is a sendmail milter that does this iirc (but I am a postfix
>> user, so I don't recall specifics)
> can't do the milter, I need to run the messages through MailScanner first.
> DAve
Route them through a second line (depending on volume (for that
clien/those clients) that basically just do the milter thing?! Should
be some transport magic (whatever the sendmailequivalent is
called:-):-). Should be workable, since you'd do that on a per domain
asis, likely.

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