New stable release 4.78.17 - FreeBSD Port

Drew Marshall drew.marshall at
Mon Oct 5 13:14:47 IST 2009

On 1 Oct 2009, at 19:29, Jules Field wrote:

> Evening all!
> I have just released a new stable release of MailScanner 4.78.
> There are many new features this time around, including
> - "host:" and "host-nocheck:" specifiers in rulesets to allow you to  
> specify hostnames the mail came from, as well as IP addresses and  
> sender e-mail addresses.
> - virus scanning is now done before spam scanning.
> - new support for "spam-viruses" which are spam messages detected by  
> your virus scanner (such as with the extra ClamAV signature  
> databases, or F-Prot). This is managed by the new MailScanner.conf  
> settings "Spam-Virus Header" and "Virus Names Which Are Spam". See  
> the ChangeLog for more information.
> - several installer improvements, in particular for Fedora Core 11  
> and better RPM management.
> - "include" directive in MailScanner.conf files, so you can avoid  
> modifying the shipped MailScanner.conf file at all, making upgrades  
> easier. This also makes large installations easier as you can just  
> specify your local modifications in a set of files stored in /etc/ 
> MailScanner/conf.d. "Include" directives can be nested to arbitrary  
> depths, so included files can include other files to any complexity  
> you require.
> - Many fixes.
> For more information on any of the above, see the Change Log and the  
> MailScanner.conf file as they describe them in more depth.
> Download as usual from


Please find attached my revised port for FreeBSD (If it doesn't make  
it through mailman, you can download it from 

I have this running on my mail gateways without problem, so there  
shouldn't be any issues. This won't make it (Yet!) into the ports tree  
officially as I have been delayed in contacting Jan-Peter to work out  
how to do this but I am back on it now, so I hope there may be some  
progress shortly (Remember that shortly in my terms is the life span  
of many Spam emails!).

In the mean time decompress this in the place of /usr/ports/mail/ 
mailscanner and upgrade/ install as normal.
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Have fun


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