Need help from Exim users

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Sat Oct 3 08:54:00 IST 2009

Hi Nigel,

I would appreciate a copy of the PDFs



Nigel Kendrick wrote:
> I have PDFS of the excellent howto written some time ago by Johnny Hughes
> (of CentOS fame) that describes setting up MailScanner with Postfix,
> Spamassassin, clamav and squirrelmail. For some reason, the original Web
> pages have disappeared and copies are hard to find (unless anyone knows
> different). 
> Let me know if you want copies. I have used them as a checklist to setup
> many mail servers built around CentOS and MailScanner.
> Nigel Kendrick
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> Subject: Need help from Exim users
> Well Postfix is not doing the anti-spam I was
> hoping it would do and the 'jailing' is not working.
> I elect to go to Exim.
> What do I need to get get RBLS, virtual E-mail and stuff working
> before adding MailScanner?

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