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> Well Postfix is not doing the anti-spam I was
> hoping it would do and the 'jailing' is not working.
> I elect to go to Exim.
> What do I need to get get RBLS, virtual E-mail and stuff working
> before adding MailScanner?
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That depends on what you want to do and how. The relevent portion of my rcpt
acl reads:

deny  message  = rejected because $sender_host_address is in a black list \
				 at $dnslist_domain $dnslist_text (ADDED TO
 hosts = !/MyRulesDir/Mail_local_net:!/MyRulesDir/mail_relay_from_domains
 senders = !/MyRulesDir/Mail_sender_white_list.conf
 dnslists   = ${expand:${readfile{/MyRulesDir/mail_rbl_lists}{:}}}
 condition = ${run{/A_Special_Place/ExiBlockWrapper $sender_host_address

This acl says if the sending host is not a local machine, and it's not from
a host we relay for, and the sender is not in a local whitelist (used for
other rules as well) then run it through the rbls listed in
/MyRulesDir/mail_rbl_lists (which is cached if the file has not changed the
list is not re-read) if it's listed add the host to iptables for the next 24
hours (this is a custom program not part of exim) and deny it with the
message following "deny message" which includes the results from the look

The file /MyRulesDir/mail_rbl_lists is a text file with entries like:

I do this so I can add, subtract or otherwise modify rbl lists without
restarting exim. I recommend you look at the exim spec section 40 (40.24+)
because you can also add a lot more control if you wish, like:, (match only if returns or
	or!= (match all except

Also, priority matters as the check stops with the first hit.

Read the spec, and join the exim list


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