MailScanner ANNOUNCE: New stable release 4.78.17

Chris Barber chris at
Fri Oct 2 14:43:19 IST 2009

>>> - virus scanning is now done before spam scanning.
>>> - new support for "spam-viruses" which are spam messages detected by
>>> your virus scanner (such as with the extra ClamAV signature
>>> or F-Prot). This is managed by the new MailScanner.conf settings
>>> "Spam-Virus Header" and "Virus Names Which Are Spam". See the
>>> for more information.
>> Does this mean that spams caught by the virus scanner will not be
>> deleted anymore? I.E. We can have SA assign a score and the user will
>> see the message in the quarantine report for instance? Also, will
>> whitelisting work as well?
>Correct. Should be correct on all counts. The "Spam-Virus Header" is 
>added *before* the message goes into SpamAssassin, so you can write an 
>SA rule that will catch entries in this header and assign a score to 
>them. Then the resulting score can be handled as normal.

Thanks Jules! Is there anything I need to do to the virus scanning
settings to get it to stop deleting infected messages? 


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