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>>> Should the clamav (clamd.conf) MaxThreads number match the number
>>> of children that MailScanner is configured to run?
>>> Sorry if this is documented somewhere.
>> Max threads should be set to a value => the maximum parallel scans you
>> expect to see, if MailScanner is the only process scanning then matching
>> the number of MS children or maybe one more. Bear in mind the real memory
>> used per clamd child process is actually small as the virus data is
>> shared among them so the default should be fine unless you are running
>> more MS children than 10
> So I was planning on running 40 MS children -- not because I have high
> mail volume or anything, but because the documentation suggested 5
> children per CPU and I have 8 cores.  Is that too many for my smallish
> setup (150 mail accounts, typical small medium business email).
> The machine running MS is also doing other stuff so I wouldn't want
> MS to run away with all the CPU.

150 mail accounts is a pretty small load, I think 40 children would be way
(multiples) too high. Think in terms of volume as it relates to mailscanner
batches. I would start at 3 - 5 and see how that works out. If the queue
tends to back up then add another one or two.


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